Your bed is a focal point in your home that can have both functionality and elegance. It is the key element of your bedroom’s style and the place where you’ll be drifting off to rest. This LUXURY BED is not only comfortable and easy to match with your textile and other  furniture. It also comes with a practical storage underneath. You can simply flip up the bed base and hide you things.  . This bed frame, has built-in spacious drawers for quilts, pillows, duvets and bed linen so you can make the most out of available space. It comes in a simple understated design that will look great with your choice of textiles and bedroom furniture.

.Available in different sizes
4 x 6 Size: 61 inches wide x 76 inches deep
6 x 6 Size: 79 inches wide x 76 inches deep
6 x 7 Size: 91 inches wide x 76 inches deep
7 x 7 Size:  91 inches wide x 86 inches deep